Establish your foothold in Europe

About Go Beyond

Go Beyond is the programme for Singapore startups or Tech Entreprises that want to establish their foothold in Europe via the Netherlands. The program is designed to help remove the barriers that you might encounter when scaling your business towards the Dutch market. You will explore the Dutch market, refine go-to-market strategy, establish connections to support organization and investor networks and forge first collaborations with leading European Corporate partners as launching customers.

Removing boundaries

Establish valuable connections

Unlock business opportunities

Get a glimpse of the Dutch support ecosystem

The Go Beyond program will open up opportunities for your business to get in touch with the broad ecosystem of the Netherlands. Our network consists of large ventures from different industries. Can’t wait? Take a glimpse at the booming support infrastructure of the Dutch entrepreneurial ecosystem.

“It is a really good program, we got really good value out of it. We did not expect any leads but were surprised by the openness of the Dutch corporates. We are very optimistic that some leads will be a good deal in the long run.”

Aviation Vitual for the Traction Track

“We were aiming to scale Sophie Boinutrients to the Netherlands, but I was still in doubt whether I was ready to scale internationally. During one of the Exploration Days, we were introduced to the Dutch innovation ecosystem and support organizations. This encouraged us to take the decision to scale since we were supported by leading organizations during the scaling process.”

Eugene Wange, Sophie’s Boinutriens for the Exploration Days

“By participating in the Go Beyond Explorer Track, we were able to test and validate our assumptions about the business model that we wanted to apply in the Dutch market. This helped us to make adjustments that were necessary to enter the Dutch market. Without the connections that we made during the Explorer track, we would have started our scaling journey too early and we probably would not have been able to reach the same results.”

Manoj Thacker, Sky DS for the Explorer Track

Go Beyond

Designed to support startups/SMEs from Singapore to establish their foothold in Europe, Go Beyond is unlocking business opportunities in the Netherlands and beyond. Our program is removing the barriers that founders might encounter during their scaling process towards the Dutch market. Together, we establish valuable connections, unlock business opportunities and we facilitate international expansion.

Explorer Track

Validate your business proposition in the dutch market and establish connections with key ecosystem organizations and potential collaboration partners to develop your go-to-market strategy.

Traction Track

Scale your food solution and gain major foothold in the Dutch market by collaborating with industry leaders.

Scaler Track

A fully tailored track that fits your company’s business needs. You will receive hands-on support to set up a shop in the Netherlands within 100 days.


Doing business in the Netherlands

During the Exploration Day, we focus on learning from local ecosystem experts about the Dutch market and getting ready to make the informed decisions about scaling your business. The session enable participants to evaluate whether the Netherlands is the right market for their business, based on insights and information on local opportunities.

Adeline Tan
Area Director – Singapore, Australia, New Zealand at Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency
Martijn van Hoogenhuijze
Senior account manager safety & Security at Innovation Quarter
Luc Mureau
Corporate Venturing Associate at Unknown Group
Isabel Barnhoorn
International Trade at InnovationQuarter