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Program for ambitious Singapore startups and tech enterprises to unlock business opportunities in the Netherlands and beyond.

Establish your foothold in Europe


Go Beyond – explore the Dutch market, refine go-to-market strategy, establish connections to support organization and investor networks and forge first collaborations with leading European Corporate partners as launching customers.


Are you a Singapore startup or Tech Enterprise interested in venturing abroad? There’s no time better than now.

Upcoming event

We invite you to join the upcoming Exploration Day. During the Exploration Days, local ecosystem experts will assess the compatibility between the participating ventures and the Dutch market, share their expertise related to international expansion strategies, and reveal available support from the local innovation ecosystem and the Dutch government.

The next event is scheduled for the

3rd of August


This event is co-organised by

How can we help you scale to Europe

Exploration Days

Get inspired by opportunities in the Dutch market and learn how to start scaling to Europe.

Explorer Track

Assess your market readiness, connect with the local industry, refine go-to-market strategy and set foot in the Dutch market.

Traction Track

Jumpstart your business in the Dutch market by connecting with your next corporate partner.

Scaler Track

A customized track to build and execute your go-to-market strategy to the Netherlands with local partners.

Why the Netherlands


The Dutch market is known for its innovativeness, great access to highly educated talent, vibrant startup ecosystem, favourable tax and regulatory environment, and extensive government support systems. These are some of the factors that make that the Netherlands is amongst the top innovation ecosystems for SMEs and Tech enterprises.

No. 1

most connected economy in the world

170 million

consumers within 500 km

7500 +

startups & scaleups

No. 5

highest educated country in the world

7500 +

startups & scaleups


Can’t wait? Take a glimpse at the booming support infrastructure of the Dutch entrepreneurial ecosystem.