About Go Beyond

Go Beyond is the programme for Singapore startups or tech enterprises that want to establish their foothold in Europe via the Netherlands. The program is designed to help remove the barriers that you might encounter when scaling your business towards the Dutch market. You will explore the Dutch market, refine your go-to-market strategy, establish connections to support organization and investor networks and forge first collaborations with leading European Corporate partners as launching customers.

General information

Exploration Days

Discover if the Netherlands is the right country for your company to scale to. Experts will provide you with insights on how to use the local ecosystem to start scaling.

Explorer track

Validate your business propostitions in the Dutch market and establish connections with key ecosystem organizations and potential collaborations partners to develop your go-to-market strategy.

Traction track

Scale your food solution and gain a major foothold in the Dutch market by collaborating with industry leaders.

Scaler track

A fully tailored track that fits your company’s business needs. You will receive hands-on support to set up a shop in the Netherlands within 100 days.

Our Go Beyond team

Jorinde Wilbrink
Corporate Venturing Consultant
Edward de Jager
Advisory Team
Tom de Heus
Head of Events
Jurgen Nieuwenhuijsen 
Selection committee for startups
Nazanin Jabalemeli
Head of Scouting
Giedre Birmontaite
Business Developer
Luc Mureau
Head of Facilitation
Wilson Rainho
Head of Venture Acceleration