Traction Track

scale your food & Agri solution to the Netherlands and the wider European market in collaboration with industry leaders

As part of the Go Beyond Program, developed with our partner Enterprise Singapore, Unknown Group is teaming up with AB Mauri, Qlip, Rabobank, and Sustainable Food Initiative to give six chosen Singaporean ventures access to the European market via a soft landing in the Netherlands.

Do you believe your solution has the potential to revolutionize the food industry? Are you working on a solution in new ingredients, supplements and additives, waste stream solutions, production processes, or digitizing the value chain? If yes, we’re looking for you and are excited to open up our network and expertise to help scale your solution! 

There is virtually no industry more essential than food as it fundamentally sustains life on earth. In order to sustainably feed the growing population, the industry needs to close the food production loop with bold and unconventional founder-driven solutions. This means not only making the production processes more sustainable, but also creating novel solutions to deal with waste streams and improving the entire value chain.

What is the challenge?

We are looking for innovative companies in food and agri subdomains that produce novel ingredients and supplements and additives, recycle and upcycle food waste streams, and digitize and improve production processes and value chains.

Interesting solutions directions are:

Produce novel ingredients, supplements and additives

Developing and manufacturing novel alternatives to replace conventional ingredients and food sources. Ventures encompassing plant-based alternatives, insects, mycelium, new sugars, enzymes, proteins, and more.

Upcycle & recycle waste streams

Enabling the environmental circularity of food waste through recycling and upcycling waste streams. Technologies surrounding wastewater treatment, composting, anaerobic digestion, valorization, and more.

Use novel production processes

Innovating and enhancing the food industry from a technical standpoint. Technologies in fermentation, 3D printing, Cellular agriculture, food design, new preservation technologies, and more.

Digitize & improve value chain

Improving and digitizing the food value chain. Ventures engaged in reducing carbon emissions across the value chain, increasing visibility throughout the supply chain, distributed quality testing and analysis, leveraging IoT across the chain, and more.

Corporate profiles

AB Mauri

AB Mauri is looking for ventures producing novel ingredients, using novel production processes and upcycling and recycling waste streams. As a company building the future of bakery, they are interested in functional ingredients, new enzymes, using fermentation technologies, waste stream solutions that upcycle waste to ingredients and more.


Qlip is looking for solutions improving and digitizing the value chain. As a company, always supporting the dairy chain, especially the Dutch dairy chain and its sustainability goals, they are interested in technologies that enable quality analytics, testings and inspections, sustainability certifications, and more enabling the whole value chain to become more sustainable, transparent, and efficient.


Rabobank has been invested in innovation in Food and agriculture for the past 100 years. They have a vested interest in supporting innovative solutions addressing the world’s food challenges, such as reducing carbon emissions and improving and digitizing the food value chain.

Sustainable Food Initiative

The Sustainable Food Initiative is a network organization of industrial parties, academia, and research institutes. The partners together commit to develop the technology for making food production truly sustainable.

In this challenge, the Sustainable Food Initiative is interested in ventures producing novel ingredients, upcycling waste to food ingredients, developing new and sustainable food production processes, and improving the food manufacturing process through digitization.

What is in it for you?

  • Become one of the 6 selected companies that are chosen for the Go Beyond program developed by Unknown Group and Enterprise Singapore to help you establish your foothold in Europe. This includes a 4-week partnership development program with interactive workshops to facilitate corporate collaborations and 1-on-1 meetings with potential partners. 
  • Explore collaboration opportunities with food and agri industry leaders, such as: AB Mauri, Qlip, Rabobank, and Sustainable Food Initiative.
  • Get matched to the partners involved in the program through a targeted and customised process.
  • Create additional connections to relevant business partners from our network based on your company profile and needs.
  • Tailor your solution to the Dutch and European market with industry experts.
  • Access to an extensive pool of investors, VC’s and a support network in the Netherlands.
  • Access to talent and Dutch innovation ecosystem.

Additional requirements

To be applicable for the program:

  • Your solution should be at the prototype stage or further
  • Have ambition to scale towards the Netherlands and beyond
  • Be a Singapore-based* startup or SME


* Singapore-based companies refer to entities with at least 30% local shareholding that are registered and operating in Singapore.



The deadline for applications is on the 13th of September

September 13th


Selected companies will be announced and onboarded into the 4-week program

September 20th


Selected companies will be invited for the 4-week program in which they will be prepared for one-on-one meetings and exploration week and to gain traction in the Netherlands

October 11th


Companies will be meeting the partners in the program and more to explore real traction opportunities

November 17th

Looking for something different

Explorer track

Validate your business propostion in the dutch market and establish connections with key ecosystem organizations and potential collaboration partners to develop your go-to-market strategy.

Traction Track

Scale your food solution and gain major foothold in the Dutch market by collaborating with industry leaders.

Scaler Track

A fully tailored track that fits your company’s business needs. You will receive hands-on support to set up a shop in the Netherlands within 100 days.