See the ones who have Gone Beyond!

About Go Beyond

Go Beyond is the programme for Singapore startups or Tech enterprises that want to establish their foothold in Europe via the Netherlands. The program is designed to help remove the barriers that you might encounter when scaling your business towards the Dutch market. You will explore the Dutch market, refine go-to-market strategy, establish connections to support organization and investor networks and forge first collaborations with leading European Corporate partners as launching customers.

Many ventures already took the step to Go Beyond with us and participated in one of the various programs. Companies that did not know where to start when scaling their companies, were introduced to the most important steps in the scaling process. Startups decided to take the next step and set up an office in the Netherlands, as a result of the program. On this page, you can view some of the previous participants of our program.

The daring entrepreneurs who Go Beyond with us.

“It is a really good program, we got really good value out of it. We did not expect any leads but were surprised by the openness of the Dutch corporates. We are very optimistic that some leads will be a good deal in the long run.”

Aviation Vitual for the Traction Track

“We were aiming to scale Sophie Boinutrients to the Netherlands, but I was still in doubt whetehr I was ready to scale internationally. During one of the Exploration Days, we were introduced to the Dutch innovation ecosystem and support organizations. This encouraged us to take the decision to scale, since we were supported by leading organizations during the scaling proecess.”

Eugene Wange, Sophie’s Boinutriens for the Exploration Days

“By participating in the Go Beyond Explorer Track, we were able to test and validate our assumptions about the business model that we wanted to apply in the Dutch market. This helped us to make adjustments that were necessary to enter the Dutch market. Without the connections that we amde during the Explorer track, we would have started our scaling journey too early and we probably would not have beena ble to reach the same results.”

Manoj Thacker, Sky DS for the Explorer Track

Who has Gone Beyond?


SKY DS is a Video Analytic Solution, which is seamlessly integrated into the VMS of Video Surveillance Installation. They take data and turn it into Anlaytic Power and Predictive Power.


SPACE is a MedTech startup that develops smart medical products in the Cardiopulmonary space. They focus on developing a disease monitoring platform based on AI (i.e. Smart) and non-invasive technologies, with the aim of enabling early intervention and self-management of cardiopulmonary diseases.

Positive Energy

Positive Energy operates a B2B green finance platform to facilitate the construction of renewable energy projects.


A youth-led social enterprise that is championing safer and smarter mobility with their leading patented and award winning innovation product, the Qanemate mobility aid holder. Their patented Qanemate smart mobility aid holder maintains mobility aids upright and when not being held by the user, thus reducing fall risks and cane hygiene especially for vulnerable elderly mobility aid users.

Sophie’s BioNutrients

They are developing a solution, a Strain Of Microalgae, that can be grown in fermentation tanks with food waste as a sustainable source.


AI driven enterprise software company that provides a universal prediction platform. Use case is Predictive Maintenance. Industry sectors include Telecom Networks, Data Centres and Industrial IoT. 5G ready.

Aviation Virtual

Aviation Virtual is an Immersive Virtualization Solution Provider that is adept at identifying pain points, readily embrace and integrate emerging technologies, while remaining platform agnostic so as to provide leading edge industrial applications that enhances productivity and innovativeness. The company’s belief is that “whatever you can visualise, we can virtualize”.


Cerexio is an industry 4.0 software solution provider who is on a mission to help organisations achieve better accuracy, efficiency and productivity from Data Literacy & Analytics. Their 5G Enabled Manufacturing Execution System & Warehousing System, Predictive & Prescriptive Asset Management System are good example for their futuristic solutions.

Echol Tech

At Echol, they believe technology exists to empower human capabilities. They combine the best of Artificial Intelligence and Edge Computing to deliver actionable video and image insights to solve real world problems. Their innovative video analytics platform serves Smart Cities, Retail Automation, Security and Surveillance for both Government and private enterprises.